IN BPL INTERNATIONAL LEGAL ADVISORS we believe in the good old saying that knowledge is power. And that, with time, our knowledge grows - as does our experience. We also believe that experience becomes knowledge when we rationalize it and put it into words. That is why we like sharing our views with our clients: it is for our benefit as much as for theirs. And that is why we have set up this blog, the place where we can share facts about legal developments and our opinions about them too.

BPL JOURNAL is not an ordinary legal blog. Here we share our insights in law, finance and public policy. We shall pay special attention to the war of sanctions - because this is what is troubling our clients right now and because we have something to say about it, to immigration - because many of our clients are wealthy individuals with an international standing, and to international dispute resolution - because this is the direction to which the world is moving.

BUT NOT ONLY THAT : we don't limit ourselves but write about whatever else we feel deserves our attention.

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